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GTrust Realty is built on the extensive knowledge of real estate buying, selling and leasing. We are a professional real estate firm that allow the general public to invest using our platform. Our expertise in technology and commitment to create trusted long-term relationships with our clients, institutional money managers and professional agents has made us outstanding among our competitors.

We offer clients a gateway to the highly desirable investment environment to build long-term client relations which we are focused on providing transparency in our transactions and processes, and a valued customer experience.

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workers in our office

Our workplace provides the comfort and focus required for you to get your best job done. With beautiful landscaping and nature view.

The GTrust Realty Experience

The electrifying experience at GTrust Realty is meaningful work and meaningful relationships — the unique and lasting personal bonds forged out of a purposeful, and inclusive work environment. The culture of our firm emphasizes high standards and continuous learning and improvement, centered around a management philosophy described in the principles of: Life and Work.

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"When I was on the team, my work was very much centered on the question of: What is the best investment process for GTrust Realty? I try to answer questions like: How do we partner best with our clients and help them reach their goals, given the unique circumstances they face?"

Nina Investment Associate, Client Service

"Through automation, our team has transformed the way we execute trades. Now GTrust Realty can execute a higher volume of trades at a lower cost than ever before, which translates into bigger profit margin for our clients and time back to our traders that can be reinvested into more strategic work."

Obasi Software Engineer, Trading

"Working on (CEO) Martin Smith's research team brought me exposure to many different puzzles and I get to do that again and again, from 'What causes an empire to collapse?' to 'How do you think about building an investment?' — all while getting mentorship from people who know a lot about the problems we're trying to solve."

Michael Investment Associate, Research & Analytics

"My team has been building a tool that allows our investment strategists to tailor analytical insights in real-time during their conversations with clients. What used to require follow-up meetings and hours of analyst work can now be visualized in the moment, with our client-facing portal ingesting client data and instantaneously mapping on top of it GTrust Realty's best thinking on investment construction."

Cristina Software Engineer, Client Service

"For GTrust Realty to respond well to an event of COVID's magnitude, it takes more than just one person or team — it takes the whole organization. It's been inspiring to see all aspects of the company rally around this global challenge to meet our core resiliency goals while caring for each other in creative and unique ways."

Ross Resiliency Program Lead, Security

"A recent project I've worked on — and my favorite so far — was to redesign our investment opportunities. The key issue we were trying to solve was: How do we ensure that every candidate who comes on site to invest has a 'stand up and applaud' experience?"

Irma Project Manager, Investing

workers in our office

Our Pioneering Work Culture

GTrust Realty aspires to be an idea meritocracy in which radical transparency and believability-weighted decision-making allow the best ideas to prevail. Feedback is frequent and flows in all directions, meetings are recorded and shared, mistake-based learning is encouraged, and everyone is expected to uphold high standards of excellence and personal accountability.

workers in our office

Spotlight on Investment

Our investment team seeks to understand the fundamental drivers of markets and turn that understanding into high quality portfolios and investment advice for our clients.

workers in our office

Spotlight on Technology

Join the team that systematizes and scales our understanding of the world's markets and economies.

Meaningful Relationships

Meaningful relationships are just as important as meaningful work — both are required and mutually reinforcing. Our focus on inclusion is key to maintaining our unique community, so we support relationships to help them grow organically. In addition to our company-wide events and celebrations, we are home to over 100 common interest groups where people have many options for getting involved in the community, ranging from diversity initiatives to book clubs to sports teams.


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